Las Vegas,NYC tiny Chihuahua

Exclusive chihuahua puppies! Our puppies are small,healthy and beautiful! From champion lines or champion sired! Available in 2 locations: Las Vegas and Brooklyn NY


Quotes My lil baby boy! He has the sweetest personality! Thank you for him. Quotes
Jamie from Las Vegas
update letters.

Quotes Thank you for all the support and advice during the breeding experience of my female Zhuzhy with your handsome boy Dexter! Words can not express how thankful I am for all you help and the result is two amazing tiny pups that I love so so much.You and your dogs are great,Laura! Quotes
The best breeding experience!

Quotes Thanks you! only 3,5 lbs .He's The best dog I've ever had! I love him so much! I'll keep sending u pics ;) Quotes
Lana E.
Lana from NJ ( owner of black tri male )

Quotes Just wanted to send you a picture of baby belle in her Easter dress (she is so cute) She went to vet a couple weeks ago and she was 2.5 pounds I think she is about 3 now, but I'll bring her to vet in couple weeks to weight again. Me and my husband were talking and we agreed you are our the only breeder we want to get our babies from for now on :) will you keep us updated on your new litters cause if you ever have a little blue female we want her lol :) Thank you again for such a special little girl Quotes
Janelle, Boston, MA
"Belle" 4.5 months old now

Quotes Bentley is cute as a bug. He now runs the house except at night i put him in an enclosed area where he is safe. His color didn't get quite as fawn as I originally wanted. it has some black in it. from the back side of him he looks like "Bailey" but everything else is "Bentley" and I like that. his coat is long and smooth. as he got older he coat got smoother. He is very tiny. 6mo ago vet said 4lbs but I feel he is only 3 lbs. He loves to play tug a war. and when I throw his toy he brings it back to me. he learned this at a real young age. awhile ago i hurt my back and couldnt pick up his toy. so when im sitting his lifts it up to me. He is very smart. he loves dogs and people. only two people he didn't like. i thnk he is able to pick up on things on people. thanks for my baby boy! Tami Quotes

Quotes Laura. I bought a tiny black and white teacup chihuahua from you a month ago. The puppy is doing very well. My family is crazy over him. His name is spammy. Thank you for him! He's hardly grown at all. He has the most darling personality. I had to buy a ferret harness for him, he's so tiny!! My dad is taking care of him while I'm here and I can hardly stand to be away from him. He needs a companion. Is why I want another one. I will send pictures on Monday. Thank you for my baby boy! Quotes
Vicki C
from Utah